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We are from the company of CV Jaques Bersinar Maritim Servis is general ship supplier, shipchandler and marine services Indonesian and based on Surabaya-East Java, Indonesia, Here we wants to offering for services to your vessel if calling to port of global local Indonesia, maybe need some kind like Provision Stores, Vegetables, Fresh Fish and Dry Provision, Canned food frozen Meat, Meat, Indian, Korean foods, Bonded and Deck Stores, Cabin Stores, Stationary Equipment Supply & Stores, Medicine Equipment, Galley Equipment, Electric and Electro Equipment. We can arrange also for any technical job such as: Engine Repair, Life raft, Fire extinguisher, EEBD,SCBA, CO2 system, LifeBoat, Annual Inspection, Calibration, Fabrication, Welding, Rewind Electric Motor Of Dynamo Etc. We can receive the payments of credit also by Ship Owner, Ship Management, or Ship Agent, Ship Chartering, ShipBroker. If you have a requestion for quote to your ship to supply and stores at Port Of Panjang, Bandar Lampung Indonesia, please feel free to contact us by email and Please do not hesitate too to contact our company if your vessel has inquiries for quote to order with our company and we will reply to you as soonest. Many thanks for your kindly and good cooperation. The Best Regards, CV Jaques Bersinar Maritim Servis General Supplier & Marine Services Indonesia

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