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PT. Indonesia Ocean Surveyor is an Independent Marine Surveyor company under license of the Governments of the Republic Indonesia, We have an experienced team well in marine survey and inspection services ✓ Marine and Cargo Survey ✓ Liquid and Gas Survey ✓ Laboratory Test for Petroleum Products In case there is any requirement from our client for laboratory analysis, we will perform such analysis at our authotized partnership laboratory who is recognized as most reliable Laboratory in Indonesia Our Vision PT. Indonesia Ocean Surveyors envisioned to be one of the leading marine survey ompany in indonesia. This is done through our business development strategies by promong our marine surveyors and survey services, improving the creavity of our service standards, increasing our global marine survey networks and acquisions, in a profitable, friendlier, integrity and responsible manner Our Mission Our mission is to continously satisfy the needs of our clients. We offer prompt, best and quality marine survey services via upgrading our marine survey knowledge, capabilities and networking in the marine industry and bussiness. Our Values In order to meet the above vision and mission, we are always upgrading our under standing and knowledge in marine shipping practice, marine insurance, claims & maritime law to assist in our marine surveys & investigations, to provide the highest degree of quality services with integrity in the energy, maritime and agriculcure industries through a combination of course expertise, qualifed and dedicated staff and marine surveyor commitment and experience PT INDONESIA OCEAN SURVEYOR Marine Surveyors Indonesia have proffesional expert to conduct all marine survey activities. Our Marine Surveyors has the technical strength, knowledge and tools to achieve the precision, accuracy and result you need.


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