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PT Buana Samudera Indah - Posted By Mitra Shipsapp

To be the best integrated stevedoring company in Indonesia so that it is the main choice for service users

PT Buana Samudera Indah

Buana Samudera Indah was established on July 19th 1999 and duly licensed by the government. Buana Samudera indah is stevedoring company Located in Indonesia, providing a complete range Stevedoring, Cargodoring, Receiving/Delivery for Region banten indonesia. We are here to answer the challenges of fast and accurate delivery services that meet international standards. With this we are sure to be a good partner in the distribution of industrial raw materials to all areas of Banten and even Indonesia in general. ✓ Professional Specialist ✓ Brilliant Ideas ✓ Precise Builders ✓ 24/7 Assiatance


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