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Kenwood TM281A Radio Rig Base

  • Berat : 3Kg
  • Stok :
  • Kondisi :Baru
  • Size / Ukuran : 10x20x30
  • COD : Cash on Delivery available

Jl.Inpres 18 Komplek Sabar Ganda No.11 15154


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Kenwood TM281A Radio Rig Base

Radio rig Kenwood TM 281A adalah alat komunikasi yang dapat dijadikan sebagai base station dan dapat juga dijadikan sebagai alat komunikasi bergerak (mobile station)

Features : Radio Rig Kenwood TM 281A
Weather Alert Radio function checks the 1050 Hz tone from NOAA (U.S.A only).
Menu allows for easy control and selecting of various functions.
Up to 200 memory channels to program frequencies and other various data.
(Up to 100 memory channels if Memory Channel Names are assigned to the channels.)
Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) or Digital Code Squelch (DCS) rejects unwanted calls from other stations.
FM & Narrow Band FM ready
High Power 65 Watts

Jl.Inpres 18, Komplek Sabar Ganda No.11 Kel.Larangan Selatan, Kec. Larangan, Kota Tangerang 15154
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