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Aditeg AFG-8216 Function Generator 3 Mhz

  • Berat : 3Kg
  • Stok :
  • Kondisi :Baru
  • Size / Ukuran : 15x10x15
  • COD : Cash on Delivery available

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Jual Aditeg AFG-8216 Function Generator 3 Mhz
Digital Direct Composite Function Generator
High integration, complete digit control and display.
Input frequency directly.
Digital direct composite technology, Purity waveform, small distortion.
Output TTL level square wave synchronous, it can be used in digital clock signal.
Sweeping and AM Modulation characteristics.
Output standard sine wave, it can be standard function signal generator.
Convenient keyboard operation, stability and relianility.

Output scope of frequency 1Hz~3MHz
Frequency accuracy 510-5 10mHz 1
Output wave Sine wave , square wave distortion
Harmonic distortion -40dB
Square wave distortion 20ns
Function output impedance 50
Output amplitude 16Vp-p
DC deflexion 6.4V
Inside amplitude modulating frequency 400Hz, 1kHz
Inside amplitude modulating depth 1%~100%
Outside amplitude signal frequency response 100Hz~100kHz
Outside amplitude modulating input impedance 600
Frequency sweep time 0.02s~5s
Outside frequency measurement sensitivity 250mVrms
Dimension 270 215 100mm
Weight 3 Kg
Power AC 220V

Accessories :
- Power Cord
- BNC to BNC Cable
- BNC to Alligator Clip Cable
- Instruction manual

Jual Aditeg AFG-8216 Function Generator 3 Mhz dengan harga murah hanya di CV.MITRA LASER dan tentunya dengan barang 100% Original.
Pemesanan Aditeg AFG-8216 Function Generator 3 Mhz bisa di kirim ke seluruh Indonesia dengan system pembayaran Untuk Luar Kota ( Jakarta ) Transfer. Khusus untuk Wilayah Jakarta Pembayaran bisa COD ( Cash On Delivery )
Untuk info harga terbaik silahkan hubungi : 081398390838 / 08112348415 ( WA : 08112348415 )
Bila membutuhkan Penawaran Harga silahkan di email ke :


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