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Leica Digitex 100t Signal Transmitter Generator

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Leica Digitex 100t Signal Transmitter Generator
The Leica Digitex 100t Signal Generator assists the Leica DigiCat 550i and 650i utility locators in identifying underground pipes or cables that do not have a live, electrical current. This signal transmitter allows contractors to trace utilities over a greater distance, boost utility detection in ranges with high signal interferences, and enhance depth estimation when using a depth locator. Also, it offers a frequency of 8.192 to 32.768 kilohertz.

With an IP67 protection rating, the Digitex 100t is protected from dust and water. It uses four D-cell alkaline batteries that power the device up to 30 hours with intermittent use. Also, this Digitex can easily transmit a signal through a pipe or cable by connecting its alligator clamp directly to a valve, stop tap or another access point.

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