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Leica Digicat 500i Cable Locator

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Leica Digicat i-Series
The Leica Digicat i-Series locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task increasing on site safety. Defaulting to power mode, maximum sensitivity ensures operators are protected against lethal electrical cables, whilst additional modes are used to detect other buried utilities.

Digicat 500i locator

With its automatic controls and combined detection mode “Auto Mode” the Digicat 500i locator has been specifically designed to reduce human error during the location process. Combined with its precise and reliable service positioning, the Digicat 500i will prevent damage to underground services during excavation projects. Active signal tracing is available when using the Digitex 100t signal generator.

Available for 50 Hz or 60 Hz to suit your regions mains power frequency.

Frequency / Mode Power : mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz, Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz Generator mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz, Auto mode = Power + Radio mode
Depth : Power to 3m, Radio to 2m, Generator mode to 3m
Protection : Conforms to IP54
Batteries : 6 x AA alkaline(IEC LR6 supplied)
Battery life : 40 hours intermittent use (at 20°C)
Weight : 2.7kg including batteries

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