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Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter / Meteran Laser

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Jual Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter / Meteran Laser dengan harga murah dan BERGARANSI
The Leica Disto X3 Laser Distance Meter is a tough device that is designed to make indoor laser measurements an easy task. It can withstand drop tests from two meters and is dust and water protected to IP 65 standards, making it suitable for tough job site conditions. Its display has dynamic marks that make stake-out position detection easy and speed up the workflow.

The Disto X3 has a distance measuring accuracy of ± 1.0 millimeter at a range of 0.05 to 150 meters. It utilizes the X-Range Power technology and a tilt sensor with an accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees. The device’s measuring units are meter, feet, and inches. Its general data interface is the Bluetooth technology and has a wide compatibility that supports iOS, Android and Windows.

This laser distance meter’s housing is made of solid rubber and its special bracing made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic strengthens its interior. Easy to use buttons and functions allow fast and intuitive work and usage of the device. This Leica laser distance meter works perfectly with Leica DST 360 for a P2P technology to transforms the hand-held tool into a sturdy measurement station. It comes with a holster, hand loop, and batteries.

Features :
150m measuring range
Measuring accuracy of ± 1.0mm
Tilt accuracy of ± 0.2°
2m drop tested
IP 65 dust and water protection class
Utilizes X-Range Power technology
Speeds up stake-out the workflow
Solid rubber frame
Fiberglass-reinforced plastic bracing
Works perfectly with Leica DST 360
Supports iOS, Android, and Windows
Includes a holster, hand loop, and batteries

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