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Jual MASTECH MS2208 Harmonic Power Clamp Meter

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Jual MASTECH MS2208 Harmonic Power Clamp Meter Original 100%
The digital power meter is a hand-held intelligent harmonic power tester. The tester is comprised of three channels including voltage, current, and power. And it is equipped with a micro single chip system for measurement and data processing functions; it can measure, calculate, and display voltage, current, power factor, apparent power, passive power, frequency, harmonic parameters, with stable performance and operation convenience. The meter is especially suitable for the measurement and examination of on-site power equipment and power-supplying circuits; with hand-held clamp structure, small volume, and light weight, it can be easily carried by the user, which makes it easy and fast for doing measurement. For measurement of sing-phase power, The meter is your ideal choice.

• Phase angle measurement
• Back-lit LCD display with a maximum reading of 5,999
• LED flashlight (power and current mode only)
• Record: MAX. value and MIN. value (Effective in the voltage, current and effective/apparent power functions)
• Low Battery indication
• Data hold
• Auto power-off
• Stylish design with small size and light weight.

Product Features
• It can be used for testing power, voltage, current, peak value, phase, frequency, power factor, phase angle, and reaction factor, etc. of single-phase/three-phase circuit
• Automatic phase sequence testing for 3-phase measurement.
• True effective value measurement: accurate measurement even with serious distortion in current waveform
• Adopts Low-consumption & high-speed single-chip microprocessor and sophisticated algorithm, so the test results can be obtained rapidly and precisely, and up to 20 harmonics and distortion value can be measured.
• Hand-held, clamp-type structure, light weight, convenient for carry-on

Spesifikasi - Mastech MS2208 Harmonic Power Clamp Meter Tester Multimeter
• Function Range Accuracy
• AC current (A): 2/20/200A +-2%
• AC voltage (V): 150/300/600V +-1.2%
• Active power (kW): 3/30/60/120kW +-3.0%
• Apparent power (kW): 3/30/60/120kVA +-3.0%
• Reactive power (kW): 3/30/60/120kVAr +-3.0%
• Power factor 0.3 captive to 0.3 inductive +-3C
• Frequency (Hz): 45~ 1000Hz +-0.5%
• Harmonic measurement Fundamental frequency:50/60Hz +-3%
• (Level of each order Windows width:256 points/cycle(50/60Hz) and THD-F/THD-R) Window type: Rectangular
• Order analyzed:1 to 20th
• Display LCD 6000
• MAX. diameter for conductor 26mm
• Power supply 3 X 1.5V AAA (not included)
• Dimensions 208mm x 78mm x 35mm

Paket Penjualan:
• 1 x Digital Clamp Meter
• 1 x Carrying Case
• 1 x Test Leads

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