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Jual MASTECH MS8236 Network Multimeter + Cable Tracker

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  • Size / Ukuran : 15x15x15
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Jual MASTECH MS8236 Network Multimeter + Cable Tracker Original 100%
Mastech MS8236 - 3 in 1 - Digital multimeter with LAN and Phone tester

Alat dengan 3 kegunaan:
1. Digital multimeter (with same options as MS8235)
2. Network cable tester
3. Wire tracker

Auto range and manual range options are available.
Overload protection is available for all ranges.
Display: LCD.
Maximum value display: 1999 digits.
Polarity indication: automatic; '---' for negative polarity.
Over-range indication: '0L' OR '---0L'.
Unit indication: function and energy unit indication.
Judging the ringing, standby or pick-up mode of the phone line.
Judging and breakpoint in the cable line, and tracking the routing of the cable line.
Detecting network cable integrity, judging open circuit, short circuit, miswiring, split pair and reverse connection of the network cable, and shield integrity, and displaying abnormity symbols.
Non-contact voltage detection.
Automatic power off time: 15 min
Fuse specification: F10A/500V, F200mA/1000V (quick acting)
Battery under-voltage indication: The LCD displays the "" symbol.
Operating power: 6F22 9V batteries.
Operating temperature: 0~40
Storage temperature:-10~50
Dimensions: 195*92*55 mm
Weight: about 400g (including batteries)
Certificate: ETL CATIII 600V RoHS

Jl.Inpres 18, Komplek Sabar Ganda No.11 Kel.Larangan Selatan, Kec. Larangan, Kota Tangerang 15154
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