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OHMEX HydroLite DFX Dual Frequency Echosounder Kit

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The HydroLite-DFX is a portable dual frequency echosounder. The system combines both low-frequency (30 kHz) and high frequency (200 kHz) transducers in one unit enabling penetration through soft sediments to detect hard bottom classification as well as detection of the surface layer. The unique design is also a helpful tool for bottom classification. Features: Portable, integrated hydrographic Survey solution Dual frequency Adaptable to any vessel BlueTooth and serial data transfer Meets IP-65 standards Quickly export xyz data PC data acquisition included What's in the Box: Sonarmite DFX Echosounder Kit Hydrolite Boat Mount/Pole Kit Pelican Case User Manual / Training Manual 1-year support and warranty Options GPS Digital bar check Tide gauge Motion sensor Specifications: Frequency: 200/30-KHz Beam width: 8° Ping rate: 6 Hz Data output rate: 2 Hz Depth accuracy: 1cm / 0.1% of depth Output formats: NMEA, ASCII, Quality Range: 0.3m–200m Transducer cable: 5m Power: 12v leads Compatibility: with all GPS Power consumption: 150ma to 200ma HYPACK compatible NOTE Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu mengikuti perkembangan kurs rupiah terhadap mata uang asing lainnya sehingga sangat mungkin terjadi adanya perbedaan harga yang berlaku dengan harga yang tertera pada website kami.


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