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Fusion Splicer INNO M7 - Alat Sambung Fiber Optik

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The INNO M7 is the most efficient active clad-alignment fusion splicer on the market due to its ultra-portable design as well as its incredible accuracy. The M7 has many remarkable functionalities, as well as its high resolution colour LCD touch screen, which allows the equipment to be incredibly user-friendly. The compact, lightweight, small design allows technicians to have everything they need in a essential piece of kit. As well as this, users are able to customise the M7 for their specific working conditions due to the adjustable strap hanger.

The M7 features Active V-Groove Clad Alignment Splicing Method which allows the users to gain complete accuracy when splicing fibre. The small size allows users to gain ease whilst they work due to the equipment allowing hand held splicing. The highest 400x magnification and 4'3" Coloraturas LCD Touch Screen allows users to easily complete tasks as well as user-friendly Smart GUI.

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Roni Zayini
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Jl.Inpres 18, Komplek Sabar Ganda No.11 Kel.Larangan Selatan, Kec. Larangan, Kota Tangerang 15154


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