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ALINCO DR-735T 144/430MHz Twinband FM Transceiver

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ALINCO DR-735T 144/430MHz Twinband FM Transceiver


·         Easy Manual Access. Features Manual Shift and Offset Direction Setting Plus Preset and Programmable Automatic Settings. Includes 4 Tone-Burst Tones.

·         Versatile Memory Function. Includes 1000 Memory Channels in 10 Banks, 100 Right Only/100 Left Only Memories, 100 Dual Memories, 5 Pairs of Programmed-Scan Channels, and 2 Call Channels. All Memory Channels Can Hold Output Setting, Tones, LCD Display Color Selections and More.

·         Easy-to-Read-Display. Large LCD Screen Offers Adjustable Display Brightness, Color and Contrast Along with 6-Character Alphanumeric Tags, a Brightness Timer That Boost Light Levels Temporarily When Keys Are Engaged and a “Scan Light” Feature That Increases Brightness for Two Seconds When Scanning Stops.

·         Convenient Receiver Functions. Includes Popular Function Such as Pager (Icon and Beep Tones), Extended Receive, Aviation and Utility Monitoring on VHF and UHF Frequencies, a Variety of Selectable Channel Steps, CTCSS/DCS Capabilities for Selective Monitoring, a 10dB EX Attenuator, Sub-Band Mute, Reception Image Rejection and Auto Power Off.

·         Advance Transmitting Feature. Value by Many Seasoned Operators, These Features are Part of The Set Mode Menu That Includes Time-Out-Timer and Busy Channel Lockout as Well as an Adjustable Mid-Power Output Level, Microphone Gain Adjustment and Cross-Band Repeat (T Model Only)*.

·         Selectable Scan Modes. Choose From an Variety of Scan Modes That Include VFO, Memory, Programmed of Priority Scans with Busy and Timed Modes, CTCSS/DCS Tone Detection and Memory Scan with “Skip” and “Favorite” Settings. (Utility Software Required for Priority Scan Setting).

·         Popular Features. Other Popular Features Include Single-Band Mode, a Restore Function That Recalls Set-Mode Settings Even After a Complete Reset, Five Different Reset Modes (System, Complete, VFO, Memory and Color Resets), Cable-Cloning and Utility Software.



Frequency Range : VHF 136.00 – 173.995MHz / UHF 400.00 – 437.995MHz

Modulation : 16K0F3E (FM) / 8K50F3E (Narrow FM) / F1E (Digital Voice) / F2D (1200bps) / A3E (RX only/AM)

Channel Step : 5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100kHz

Memory Channel : Free-Programmable 100ch / R+L 100ch each / Dual 100ch VHF CALL / UHF CALL 1ch each / 5 Pairs Program Scan

Antenna Impedance : 50Ω Unbalanced

Frequency Stability : ±2.5ppm (TCXO : -10°C – 60°C)

Power Supply Requirement : 13.8VDC ±15% Negative Ground

Current Drain (approx.) : 12A TX High / 0.6 RX max. / 0.4A RX Squelched

Usable Temperature Range : -10°C to 60°C

Dimensions (approx.) : 142mm (W) x 60mm (H) x 188 (D) mm

Weight (approx.) : 1.3kg

Included : Plain Microphone (EMS-78), DTMF Microphone (EMS-79), DC Cable (UA-38Y),Bracket Hardware Pack (ADFM-78)


Output (approx.) : High 50W / Mid 20W / Low 5W

Modulation System : Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation

Max. Frequency Deviation : ±5kHz (FM) ±2.5kHz (NFM)

Spurious Emissions : Less Than -60dB

Microphone Impedance : 2kΩ


Receive System : Double Conversion Superheterodyne

Intermediate Frequencies : VHF Main 21.7MHz/450kHz

Sensitivity (-12dB SINAD) : UHF Main 30.85MHz/455kHz -14dBµ (0.20µV) or Better

Squelch : -18dBµ (0.1µV) or Less

Selectivity :

- Wide FM (-6dB) : 15kHz or Less / (-50dB) : 30kHz or Less

- Narrow FM (-6dB) : 9kHz or More / (-50dB) : 20kHz or Less

Audio Output : 2W or More (8Ω 10% THD)



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