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Kompas Brunton 5012 AXIS Pocket Transit

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Invented By Geologists, For Geologists.
The Brunton Axis Pocket Transit Compass is an innovative compass invented by geologists for easier measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and vertical angles. The dual-axis, hollow hinge facilitates quick, accurate measurements without requiring multiple read-outs or different measurement tools. Only one measurement configuration is required for strike and dip, trend and plunge, as well as bearing and vertical angle.
North runs parallel to the main hinge axis, making this compass the only Brunton Transit capable of measuring strike and dip simultaneously. There's a lid protractor and rotation around the minor axis for accurate measurements of trend and plunge across any surface, even on overhangs. Adjustable declination allows you to use this across North America without sacrificing accuracy. It's available in either a 0 to 360 azimuth scale or 0 to 90 quadrants.
Innovative compass makes geologic measurements a breeze
Dual-axis, hollow hinge for planes, lines, bearings, vertical angles
North is parallel to main hinge for simultaneous strike & dip measurement
One measurement for strike & dip, trend & plunge, bearing & vertical angle
Lid protractor and rotation around minor axis for trend & plunge
Compass bearing accuracy: +/-1/2 with 1 graduations
Inclinometer accuracy: +/-1/2 with 1 graduations
Dip angle accuracy: +/-1 with 2 graduations

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