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Kompas Geologi Brunton 5008

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Compass Geology
Brunton 5008 Compass Geology

Developed using composite materials for the body, the ComPro is a lighter, more affordable alternative for transit users. It incorporates a cast NdFeB, rare-earth magnet, precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing. The result is a powerful magnet, which seeks magnetic north very quickly and allows for faster readings. Call us for special balancing.

Com-Pro Pocket Transits 0 - 360 Deg.
Includes Leather Transit Case
Single NdFeB magnet resists demagnetization better than other types of magnets for increased reliability
Azimuth accuracy 1/2 with 1 graduations
Vertical accuracy 1/2 with 1 graduations and 10 minute readability
Vertical angle measurements to 90 or 100% grade
A percent grade scale with increments of 5%
Induction damped needle for quick, accurate readings
Sapphire jewel bearing allows for smooth needle movement
Magnetic declination adjustment allows for east or west declination setting to 180
Short and long sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles
Precision aligned mirror with convenient "see through" sighting capability
Composite body material is permanently impregnated with color
O-rings make the Com-Pro waterproof for increased reliability

A. Needle
The needle is induction damped, which allows the needle to seek magnetic north and come to a complete rest in a minium amount of time, without accuracy degradation.

B. Graduated Circle
In combination with the needle, the 1° graduated circle allows accurate 1/2° azimuth readings on both the Degree ( 0° through 360°) and Quadrant (0° through 90°) graduated circles.

C. Long Level
The long level for inclination measurment. Adjust the long level using the vernier adjustment (M).

D. Round Level
Use the round level to level the pocket transit for azimuth measurement.

E. Zero Pin
The zero pin is the pointer used for magnetic declination adjustment. If no adjustment is necessary, the pin should point at 0°.

F. Vernier
The adjustable vernier is used in inclination measurments

G. Large Sight with Peep Sight
The large sight and the attached peep sight are used for precise azimuth measurement.

H. Small Sight
Attached to the cover, the small sight is used for precise bearing and inclination sighting.

I. Mirror
Located on the inside cover, the mirror and mirror center line are used for accurate azimuth measurements, when using the transit as a prismatic compass.

J. Circle Adjusting Screw
With a screwdiver, rotate the graduated circle by turning the circle adjusting screw.

K. Ball and Socket Tripod Mount
The slots on both sides of the body are for mounting to an optional Brunton tripod.

L. Alidade Mount
The circular extension with slots, located on the bottom of the body, is for the attachment of an optional Brunton alidade (protractor). Only the COM-Pro models have this feature.

M. Vernier Adjustment Use the vernier adjustment to adjust the vernier and long level for inclination measurments.

Spesifikasi - Brunton 5008 Geology Compass

Magnetism NdFeB Magnet

Accuracy Bearing: +/- 1/2° accurate | Inclination: +/- 1° accurate (30 minute readable)

Size Width: 2.76 in (7.01 cm) | Length: 3.14 in (7.97 cm) | Height: 1.33 in (3.38 cm)

Weight 5.7 oz (16.2 g


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