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Waterpass Topcon AT-B3

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Automatic Level AT-B3 Europe Positioning is pleased to announce the release and availability of a brand new range of cost effective automatic optical levels.
Automatic Level AT-B3 range of levels has been designed to replace the range of Topcon AT-G levels. Utilising an endless horizontal drive and dual speed focus adjustment to quickly change from coarse to fine focusing on to the object to be levelled, the AT-B range is able to focus to a minimum of 300mmÂ… ideal for use in confined areas.
With superior water proofing properties, easy to read horizontal circle ( degrees or gons) for specific directional turning, these levels are intended for use by land surveyors, civil engineers and contractors.
There are three models available in the AT-B line up: the AT-B2, AT-B3 and AT-B4 models, all of which share a common IPX6 environmental rating. With the IPx6 rating, the instrument is protected against powerful water jets from all directions, meaning the AT-B series withstands a sudden shower or torrential rainfall. The advanced protection design not only prevents water penetration, but also deters clouding or condensation inside the telescope
Main Specifications of the Automatic Level AT-B3
Objective Lens ( mm) 36
Magnification 28x
1km Double Run Accuracy ( mm) 1.5
Coarse Sighting Peep sight
Weight ( kg) 1.70


* Main Unit Digital Theodolite
* Allumunium Tripod
* Rambu ukur / Levelling Staff
* Tool Kit
* Plumb Bob
* Hard Carry Case
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual


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