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Digital Theodolite Topcon DT-209

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Digital Theodolite Topcon DT-209

Feature :
* Longer battery powering duration
Longer battery powering durations using alkaline batteries. Continuous angle measurement for 150 hours (DT-213). Laser continuous angle measurement for 45 hours.
* Absolute encoder is used
Detection of 0° position is no longer needed. Stable, high-accuracy measurement.
* Laser pointer
The laser pointer is injected in collimation direction by simply operating one switch. Workers can perform work without guidance by observation personnel.
* Excellent waterproof structure
The theodolite body is guarded against a sudden torrential rain and dirt. The theodolite can be used reliably at work sites under severe conditions.
JIS C 0920 protection class IP66 (Dustproof and waterproof types

Specification :

Length : 149mm
Objective lens : 40mm
Magnification : 26 x
Field of view 1°30′
Resolving power : 3″
Minimum focus : 90cm
Stadia ratio : 100
Stadia constant : 0
Sighting collimator : Double

Electronic Angle Measurement
Absolute Reading
Vertical: 1 side Vertical: 1 side
Miimum Reading : 10″/20″ 2mgon/5mgon
Accuracy : 9″
Diameter Circle : 71mm

Unit 1 side
LCD LCD 7segments
Data Output Serial signal connector -

Optical Plumment Telescope Magnification 3x
Field of view 3°
Focusing 0.5m to ∞

Level Sensitivity
Plate level : 60″/2mm
Circular level : 10″/2mm
Water Protection Standard : IP66
Power Supply : 4AA batteries
Operating time (Alk.) Theodlite only :170h

Power Supply : 4AA batteries
Operating time (Alk.) Theodlite only : 170h
Lasor only : 80h
Theodlite and Lasor: 45h
Operating Temp. : -20°C to + 50°C
Weight : 3.6kg


* Main Unit Digital Theodolite
* Allumunium Tripod
* Rambu ukur / Levelling Staff
* Tool Kit
* Plumb Bob
* Hard Carry Case
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual


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