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Digital Theodolite South ET-05

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Digital Theodolite South Et-05

Telescope Image Erect image Magnification 30x Effective aperture 45mm Resolving Power 3” Field of view 130 Minimum 1.4m Stadia Ratio 100 Stadia Constant 0 Sight Distance Precision 0.40%L Tube Length 157mm

Angle Measurement Angle Measurement Mode Photoelectric detection by incremental decoder Dia of circle (vertical, horizontal) 79mm Mode detection Horizontal angle: dual; Vertical angle: (single) Measurement unit 360o /400gon/6400mil (available to choose) Levelling vial Sensitivity of plate vial (/2mm) 30” /2mm Sensitivity of circular vial 8’ /2m

Magnification: 30X
Objective Lens: 45mm
Overall Length: 157mm
Stadai Ration: 100
Stadia Constant: 0
Image: erect
Field of View: 1° 30"
Minimum Focus: 1.4m
Resolving Power: 3.0'

Electronic Angle Measurement:
Reading System Photoelectric detection by incremental encoder
Diameter of Circle (VHz): 79mm
Minimum Reading: 1"/5" (Selectable)
Accuracy: 5"
Horizontal Angle Dual
vertical Angle Single

(LCD) Display Type 2 sides, segment LCD in two lines
Level Sensitivity:
Plate Level: 30"/2mm (30" per 2mm)
Circular Level: 8'/2mm (8" per 2mm)
Auto Vertical Compensator:
System: Liquid-electric detection/plate level selectable
Working range: +3'
Accuracy: 1" (Liquid-electric detection) 30""/2mm (plate level)

Optical Plummet Telescope:
Image: Erect
Magnification: 3X
Focusing Range: 0.5m - infinity


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