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Automatic Level Nikon AE- 7/ AE-7C

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Ruko Rich Palace, Jl. Meruya Ilir Raya,…


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Automatic Level Nikon AE- 7/ AE-7C


AE-7/ AE7C waterproof telescopes reduce minimum focusing distance down to 0.3m ( 0.98ft)
AE-7/ AE-7C
These waterproof telescopes with reduced minimum focusing distance of 0.3m ( 0.98ft) feature endless horizontal drive for smooth precise pointing and angular measurement, and they can be attached to either flat- or spherical- head tripods. In addition, a pentaprism mirror enables the viewing of a circular bubble as an erect image. They come with optional, high- and low-power eyepiece lenses, and attachable diagonal eyepiece lens for use in confined spaces. Another useful feature is clampless horizontal alignment.

Other features
• Accuracy of ± 1.0mm in 1km double-run leveling, or ± 0.45mm when an optical micrometer is used
• Automatic compensator with wide working range of ± 16’
• 30xz, ø 40mm-dia. telescope.
Note: AE-7 is identical to AE-7 except horizontal circle reading.


* Main Unit Digital Theodolite
* Allumunium Tripod
* Rambu ukur / Levelling Staff
* Tool Kit
* Plumb Bob
* Hard Carry Case
* Cleaning Cloth
* User Manual


Packaging & Delivery

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