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Digital Theodolite South ET-02

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Digital Theodolite South ET-02
2 seconds accuracy
Magnification: 30X
Objective Lens: 45mm
Overall Length: 157mm
Display: (LCD) 2 face

Fitur Theodolite South ET-02
Electronic/Laser Theodolite
2″ Accuracy in option
Advanced EDM design
Laser plummet and laser pointer function for ET-02L/05L
Movable tribrach for ET-02F/05F
Competitive performance

Specifications Digital Theodolite South ET-02

Image: Erect
Magnification: 30X
Effective aperture: 45mm
Resolving power: 3"
Field of view: 1 30'
Minimum focusing distance: 1.4m
Stadia ratio: 100
Stadia constant: 0
Tube length: 157mm

Reading system: Absolute Encoding
Diameter of circle(VHz): 79mm
Minimum reading: 1"/ 5"(Selectable)
Accuracy: 2"
Horizontal angle: Dual
Vertical angle: Dual
(LCD)Display type: 2 sides

Complete with
Alumunium tripod
Leveling staff 3m

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