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GPS Geodetic RTK South Galaxy G1 PLus Harga nego sampai deal di 082217294199

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SOUTH Galaxy G1 Plus

Innovative GNSS Receiver
The new G1 has more options for GNSS board selection, and all of them own the ability of tracking most signals from all kinds of running satellite constellations. And this compact device is allowed to enable and disable tracking the constellations.

• Behind every significant epoch-making change in human society, always accompanied by the birth of an important technology.
• Computer and electronics make surveying and mapping industry achieve a span from the analog age to the digital age.
• And the development of Internet technology further opens the prelude of surveying and mapping information age.
• In the form of the ubiquitous, internet is penetrating and fusion in all corners of the surveying technology, and setting off an unprecedented reconstruction and transformation.
• In the dawn of a new era, south is walking in front of it to craft Galaxy 1plus which opening a '+' era of high-precision positioning applications.

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Jual GPS South Galaxy G1 Plus Murah Harga Nego, Selain itu kami juga jual GPS geodetic Hi Target, GPS Geodetic Titan, GPS Geodetic Horizon, GPS Geodetic Emlid, GPS geodetic CHCNAV dan banyak lagi. Informasi Stok dan Harga terbaik silahkan hubungi 082217294199


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