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Digital compass 3D GPS Marine DCM-300 GPS 3-Axis magnetic field sensor

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Marine 3D digital compass(3-Axis magnetic field sensor )

Item: Marine 3D digital compass (3-Axis magnetic field sensor )

A. Fields of use:
Marine industry; Navigation; radar & communication; aviation;offshore platform control;
Antenna installation & fixation, UAV & robot automatic control;

B. Feature:

1. Triaxial Magnetoresistive sensor measure the flat magnetic field, two-axis tilt compensation.
2. A/D converting accurately at high speed, magnetic-field measurement accuracy at 100μ Gauss,
3. Built-in microprocessor, calculate the angle between sensor and magnetic north;
4. Simple and effective calibration commands;
5. Have a zero pointing correction function;
6. Waterproof casing, nonmagnetic;
7. Working temperature range: -40 ~85 °C; Storage range: –55~100 °C.
8. Have high precision, good stability, accurate performance, cost-effective;

C. Technical data :
Response speed: 8 times/second
Measurement accuracy: ±2°;
Resolution: 0.1°;
Repeatability: ±0.5°;
Magnetic-field measurement range: 0.1Gauss to 2Gauss
Input Voltage:+12V DC
Current: 60mA

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