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Watermark DH-48 Sediment Sampler - CV. MITRA LASER

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Watermark DH-48 Sediment Sampler

13″ streamlined aluminum casting partially encloses a pint sample container
Sampler is supplied with one 1/4″ calibrated yellow nylon nozzle

The DH-48 a lightweight sampler for collection of suspended sediment samples where wading rod suspension is used. The sampler consists of a 13″ streamlined aluminum casting which partially encloses a pint sample container.

The sampler weighs 4.5 pounds including the sample container and attaches to a standard 1/2″ threaded wading rod for suspending in the water. The wading rod is available in 3 foot sections. The wading sampler is supplied with one 1/4″ calibrated yellow nylon nozzle.

In the sampling operation, the intake nozzle is orientated into the current and held in a horizontal position while the sample is lowered at a uniform rate from the water surface to the bottom of the stream, instantly reversed, and then raised again to the water surface at a uniform rate. The sampler continues to take its sample throughout the time of submergence.

Rickly DH-48 Depth Integrated Sediment Sampler
Two 1/4” sampler nozzles
One 1’ wading rod with handle
A case of 24 one-pint sample bottles with caps, and adhesive labels

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