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Sextant GLH 130-40/ Alat mengukur sudut horizon / Alat navigasi kapal

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GLH130-40 Marine Sextant:
Marine Sextant is an optical instrument for measuring the angle between two objects by bringing into coincidence to the eye of the observer,rays of light received directly from one object and reflected from the other. It is named because the length of the arc is about 1/6 of the circumference.Its principal use is to measure the altitudes of celestial bodies above the visible sea. It is simple, light, and handheld. But it is necessary to see the celestial and water antennas at the same time when use, restricted by night or visibility.

Marine Sextant is also called Nautical Sextant.


Model: GLH130-40

Range: -5~+130°

Measurement Accuracy: 40 corner seconds

Star Telescope: 3.5 x 40mm

Identification Rate: 8.75 seconds

Working Temperature:-30~50℃

IMPA Code: 370331

Main Parts:
It consists of three parts, the frame, the optical system and the angle measuring device. The optical system includes a telescope, a dynamic mirror, a fixed mirror and a filter, and the angle measuring device has an indexing arc, a target rod, a drum wheel and a vernier ruler. These components are all installed on the frame, and the optical system and the angle measuring device are jointed together through an indicator rod.

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