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SY-4S digital diesel engine monitor for Yacht marine LCD screen

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(1) RPM, oil pressure,water temperature, give audible and visual alarm, when RPM, oil pressure,water temperature exceed OR lower than settings;(2) Adopt superior and fully digital optoelectronic martials, using high-quality MCU as the core parts, with digital display tube of high brightness; (3)Adopt high-quality senors of advanced enterprise (TOYOTA pressure sensor ); (4)be The essential monitoring instruments for all kinds of diesel engine.Features:

1.More bright and clear at day and soft light to protect eyes at night!
2.The function is same as the old types, can change without any problem.

0 ~ 9999RPM;Give alarm,when RPM reaches 1500,[adjustable]

Water temperature
-10 ~ 120°c;Give alarm,when Temperature reaches around 85°c,[adjustable]

Oil pressure
0~3MPa; Give alarm,when pressure reaches 2.5kg F/cm²,[adjustable]

Power supply
18~36V; standard DC24V

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