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Three phase 24V DC 150A full automatic marine battery charger 24v 150a

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YIDA automatic storage battery charger SY-150A is designed to provide consistent voltage and current output. Stable and controlled output of voltage and current are essential to protect electronic equipment used in ships, cats and other places.


l Microcomputer system control: no sparking ,charging process is stable

l Short-circuit protection :charger cut off automatically when short circuit occurs

l Overload protection : charger current-limited automatically when overload

l The limit of voltage and current can be manually adjusted

l Real working voltage and current display in digital monitor during charging

l Portable and powerful

l Applicable to 0-24V DC storage battery

l Elegant appearance and easy operation


Input voltage
260-600V AC

Input frequency

Battery type
Lead acid battery

Output current adjustment rang

Output voltage adjustment rang

Working temperature

Storage Temperature

Relative humidity

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