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SY-121 Bridge Watch Alarm

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In order to increase the safety of navigation and prevent accidents caused by the departure or sleep of steering personnel, Linhai Yida Electronics Co., Ltd.has specially developed the duty alarm system SY- 121. This system has video monitoring or infrared monitoring, which is detected by SY-121 host to realize countdown alarm function. In the use of the system, we must be familiar with the working characteristics of the device and method of use . Note: you can't rely entirely on the system. Motorists are not allowed to leave their duties without permission.

Start after the mainframe is powered on: one alarm factory is set to start at 10 minutes countdown, if during this period, the cab crew leaves or sleeps, the monitor does not detect signs of human activity or does not press any key on the SY-121 mainframe, the countdown will start the first alarm in the cab at the end of 10 minutes. At this time, the second alarm starts in 5 minutes countdown, if no sign of personnel activity can be detected in the monitor or if any key is not pressed on the SY-121 mainframe, the second alarm (capital's room) is added, that is, the first and second alarm at the same time. At this time, the three-level alarm starts in the countdown of 5 minutes, as well as monitoring. No sign of personnel activity is detected in the device or the key is not pressed on the SY-121 host, and at the end of the countdown, the three-level alarm (crew room) is the first-level, the second-level and the third-level alarm. After three-level alarm, press the reset key for 5 seconds to stop the alarm and automatically enter the next round of detection countdown. The alarm set time is adjustable within 1-10 minutes.

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