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Alat Pengukur Kekerasan Smart Sensor AR936 bagus

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AR936 is the most versatile all-in-one solution for portable hardness testing. The Leeb hardness principle is based on the dynamic (rebound) method and is best suited for on-site testing of heavy work piece, the installed machinery and permanently assembled parts, die cavity of molds, bearings and other parts, failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment, testing surface of a small hollow space, material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials, rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work piece, etc.


Measuring Range : (170-960)HLD,

Hardness Unit : HL‚HB‚HRC‚HRB‚HRA‚HV‚HS

Display : LCD 160*80

Data Store : 500 groups

Up & Low Limits Alarm Setup : √

Data Analysis : √

USB Data Connection : √

Auto Power Off : √

Continuous operation time : ~50 hours ( without backlight )

Operating Voltage : 6V(4*1.5V AA batteries)

Repeatability : 6 HLD


Power : 4*1.5V AA battery

Product Net Weight : 358g

Product Size : 150*80*38mm

Packing : Aluminium Box

Standard Carton Gross Weight : 6.2KG

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