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Automatic Float Switch SEAFLO 04B-12A/ Otomatis Pompa Bilga

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Boat Bilge Pump float switch max amps draws up to 12A.And it use ultrasonic welding, forming a seal, reliable and secure, not leaking.You can chouse withou/without filter housing. SEAFLO float switches are designed for use with fresh water and salt water only.


- Amp draws up to 12A
- Shells made of high quality ABS material, the internal metal contacts to ensure reliable start / stop.
- Heavy duty flow switch is designed for the toughest applications; Environmentally responsible.
- with Filter housing to prevent from debris for the B.
- Turn on when water level higher than 45-55mm(1.77"-1.97").
- Turn off when water level lower than 20-25mm(0.79"-0.98").

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