Bilge Pump SEAFLO 3000GPH-12V / Pompa Celup Kapal 12V | Toko Maritim

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Bilge Pump SEAFLO 3000GPH-12V / Pompa Celup Kapal 12V

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non-automatic 3000GPH bilge pumps with high efficiency.,heavy duty motors, offer high capacity output. Very powerful pump. Works great and drains pretty fastQuick release strainer for easy maintenance,.Apply for water sampling, high-volume liquid transfer, low-noise continuous workplace; Large aquarium, small swimming pool, water reservoirs, fountains and many other occasions


- Meets or exceeds RoHS, SGS, and ISO standards
- Traditional operation by switch or float switch
- Entirely submersible
- Snap-off strainer base for easy maintenance
- Pump and switch are stand alone products
- Sealed efficient,long life motors- Run dry capable for normal workloads
- Quiet operation
- 110°F (43°C) temperature limits
- Stainless steel shaft
- Anti-Airlock protection
- Exclusive moisture tight seals
- Marine grade blocked wiring

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