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Lampu Suar WM

Mega Glodok Kemayoran Lantai GF, Blok A10…


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The WM-BL140SP6 assembly is a completely self-contained lantern that is compact, lightweight and rugged and resistance from shocks, and requires the least or virtually no maintenance throughout its operation.
The optical system utilises WM-Patent designed UV-stabilized acrylic optic lens and with a choice of up to 3-tiers of the highly efficient, high intensity LED array, OR 2-tiers with integrated optional feature(s). It has an effective range of up to 6.1 nautical miles at a transmissivity factor of T=0.74 or 8 nautical miles @ transmissivity factor of T = 0.85 (with the use of Hi Power LEDs and increased number of tiers to achieve upto 12 nautical miles @ transmissivity factor of T = 0.85)

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