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Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 80

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Ultrasonic Coating Thickness Gauge PCE-CT 80
Coating thickness gauge PCE-CT 80-ICA incl. ISO calibration certificate Coating thickness gauge for Fe and NFe / USB interface / Battery operation / Integrated data memory / Various sensors available.
The paint layer thickness gauge PCE-CT 80 is a measuring device for the nondestructive measurement of coatings (paints, paints, plastics …) on steel / iron and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the externally connected sensor on the PCE-CT 80 ink layer thickness gauge, even difficult-to-reach measuring points can be easily achieved. The menu guidance of the paint thickness gauge allows easy adjustment and adjustment to new parameters and makes this handy paint thickness gauge an indispensable tool for control measurements in production, workshop and quality assurance.
The color coating thickness gauge PCE-CT 80 is also ideally suited for detecting and assessing eg accident damage to motor vehicles immediately, but also in the industrial sector the paint thickness gauge can be optimally used in incoming and outgoing inspections as well as material testing in production.
The ergonomically shaped PCE-CT 80 ink layer thickness gauge with external sensor allows you to quickly determine measurement results with high accuracy. The paint thickness gauge measures non-magnetic layers such as paint, plastic, chrome, copper, zinc, enamel, etc. on steel / iron, and non-electrically conductive layers such as paint, plastic, enamel, paper, glass, rubber, etc. on copper, aluminum, brass and stainless steel, as well as anodized aluminum..

For many materials such as, iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel
Measurements can not be influenced by vibrations
Practical V-groove on the measuring heads
Ergonomic design
Warning for measurements outside the maximum measuring range
Wear-resistant, spring-mounted measuring head for precise measurement results
Incl. ISO laboratory calibration with certificate
Various optional sensors available

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