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Eight Channel Digital Hydrometer Kit Megger 2001692

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Eight Channel Digital Hydrometer Kit Megger 2001692
Measures the battery electrolyte specific to gravity and temperature for BITE2, BITE2P, & BITE3 battery impedance testers.
The Megger 2001-692 eight channel digital hydrometer kit determines the specific gravity of flooded cells. It can determine specific gravity and temperature in 5 seconds. It provides memory for both temperature and specific gravity for eight tests of 256 cells each. The stored data is easily transferred to the data logger (included), which can hold eight separate sets of test data. This data can then be imported from the data logger directly into a Megger Power DB battery report.

* 0.001 g/cm³ accuracy in density
* 0.4°F accuracy in temperature
* Supported measuring units:
* Specific gravity
* Alcohol tables
* Sugar and extract tables
* H2SO4 tables
* API functions
* Powered by two 1.5V alkaline batteries

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