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HT Icom IC-M34 VHF Marine Transceiver - Handy Talkie | Shipsapp - Toko Maritim

Rp. 1.700.000

  • Kondisi : Baru
  • Berat : 2
  • Ukuran :
  • Stok : 4
  • Harga Pasaran : Rp. 2.500.000
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Deskripsi Produk Maritim

Detail Produk HT Icom IC-M34 VHF Marine Transceiver
AquaQuake draining function

The vibrating “buzz” sound clears water away from the speaker grill.
Easy to see LCD with large channel indication
The IC-M34 has an easy to see LCD (32 × 16 mm; 11⁄4 × 5⁄8 in) with large 2-digit channel number indication. The volume and SQL levels are shown in the display. LCD and key backlighting is standard for night
time operation.
Easy to use, easy to hold
9 large buttons on the front panel provide simple straight forward operation. It weighs only 305g, and the IC-M34’s easy-to-hold rounded body fits comfortably in your hand.
Quick channel selection with favorite channel function
The favorite channel function offers quick channel access to tagged channels by pushing the “FAV” button, while ignoring untagged channels.

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Roni Zayini
HP : 081388031624 / 081274087466
WA : 081274087466

HT Icom IC-M34 VHF Marine Transceiver - Handy Talkie

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