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REPEATER IDAS ICOM IC FR6200 VHF - Repeater | Shipsapp - Toko Maritim

Rp. 28.200.000

  • Kondisi : Baru
  • Berat : 25
  • Ukuran :
  • Stok : 2
  • Harga Pasaran : Rp. 30.500.000
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Deskripsi Produk Maritim

Repeater Icom IC-FR6200 IDAS 50W Full Duty Cycle Digital Repeater

50W 100% Duty Cycle Operation

Employing a high performance power amplifier, together with the solid heatsink built into the chassis, the ICOM IC-FR6200H series provides a reliable 100% duty cycle operation at 50W output.

IDAS, Analog FM and Mixed Mode

The FR6200H series is compatible with both analog FM mode and IDAS conventional and NXDN Type-D trunking mode. Program digital and/or analog FM modes per channel. The mixed mode operation allows you to receive both analog FM and IDAS conventional modes and to transmit either mode depending on the received signal.

32 Channel Capacity and 5 Programmable Buttons

The 12-digit dot-matrix display, 5 programmable buttons, 32 memory channels and internal speaker allow you to use the repeater as a simple base station or to check repeater activity. LEDs on the front panel show channel conditions.

D-SUB 25-Pin Accessory Connector

The FR6200H series has a programmable D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting external remote control devices. Also, modulation/demodulation signals can be input/output from the D-SUB connector.

Multiple CTCSS, DTCS Tone and RAN Code Cecode

The FR6200H series decodes multiple CTCSS and DTCS as well as digital RAN (Radio Access Number) codes on a per channel basis (up to 16 tones/codes) and downlinks the received signal with a specified tone/ code. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups.

Other Features

CW ID transmission
0.5ppm high frequency stability (Digital mode)
2U low profile for 19-inch rack mount
Digital voice scrambler provides 15-bit key (about 32,000 codes)
Built-in inversion voice scrambler (Analog mode)
Built-in audio compander (Analog mode)
PTT priority setting (Local Mic., external PTT or repeater operation)
5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder (Analog mode)
Normal and priority scan
Convenient key assign stickers supplied
Beat cancel capability
Low voltage alert (Analog mode) 

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Roni Zayini
M : 081274087466 / 081388031624

Jl.Inpres 18, Komplek Sabar Ganda No.11 Kel.Larangan Selatan, Kec. Larangan, Kota Tangerang 15154


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