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Fusion Splicer Comway C10 - Alat Sambung Fiber Optik

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Fusion Splicer Comway C10 Splicing Machine High Performance ARC Fusion Splicer

Features :
1. Core-to-Core alignment system
2. Splicing 6 sec., heating 25 sec.
3. Fast boot technology
4. More than 300 times splicing and heating Resist dust, rain, wind, and shock
5. Fiber type identify, AUTO splicing mode
6. Easy to change electrode and fiber holder
7. High speed USB, maintenance via the Internet

Smart ARC Control Technology
Automatic calibration ARC discharge,
Different environment,
the same stable loss.
Super heater
12s heating time,
Faster and more power saving.

Real fiber core visualization technology
Core-to-Core alignment system, Keep the ultra-low splicing loss.
Fiber identification, AUTO splicing mode.
High light screen
Clearly visible under sunshine.

Ultra narrow ceramic V-groove
Precision machining process.
Suitable for all kinds of applications.
Ceramic fiber presser
Precision ceramics polishing process,
Stable and durable.

Simple light source
No mirror, no flat cable,
Stable and reliable,
Easy to maintain.
Large capacity battery
Over 300 times splicing and heating.

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WA : 081274087466
Email : faisal.roni82@gmail.com

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