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OTDR YOKOGAWA AQ1210 - Alat Sambung Fiber Optik

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The Yokogawa AQ1210 series OTDR is designed to empower field technicians to make fast and precise measurements with confidence. The AQ1210 OTDR delivers high reliability with its robust design for operating under harsh field conditions. Engineered with innovative technology, the AQ1210 features dual operation mode by multi-touch touchscreen and hard-key buttons as well as fully automatic measurement and easy-to-read analysis reports through new software applications. In addition, the AQ1210 enhances productivity and operability with its lightning startup time, multi-tasking operation, and immediate reporting via wireless connectivity.
Footprint approx. size of a Mini tablet, weight of 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs.)
10 hours battery operation
USB power feeding
*USB power adapter (Type-C) is required for battery charging (sold separately).
The AQ1210 features a capacitive multi-touch touchscreen, 5.7-inch LCD, and a field use friendly rotary dial.
Enhanced OTDR performance
The AQ1210 provides:
Measurement of PON systems with up to 128 splits High-speed real-time measurement
Smart mapper function
Multi- ber measurement
Fiber Surface Test function (optional)
Remote access is possible via Wi-Fi or ETHERNET connection.

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