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Proceq Original Schmidt Live Type N Digital Hammer Test | Shipsapp - Toko Maritim

Rp. 48.000.000

  • Kondisi : Baru
  • Berat : 3 Kg
  • Ukuran : 330x180x120 mm
  • Stok : 1
  • Harga Pasaran : Rp. 50.000.000
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Deskripsi Produk Maritim

Proceq Original Schmidt Live Type N Digital Hammer Test

Proceq Original Schmidt Live ini adalah Hammer Test atau palu uji beton nilai-R yang paling canggih di dunia dengan aplikasi Schmidt Live

Comprehensive Apple iOS app for measuring, reporting and analysis
Web reporting tool for instant offsite data availability and synchronizing
Light and strong fiber-reinforced shell
Powered by flight-safe AAA batteries
Dual displays: analog and backlit digital
All mechanical components are Original Schmidt components to ensure standards compatibility and durability

Automatically detects and corrects for impact angle
Displays the series on-screen as you work
Series validity checked automatically
Review an entire series
Delete impacts
Test regions
Select units, form factor and correlation curves
Create your own custom curves
Create custom curves databases for your own mixes

WITH Apple iOS app, you can:
Allows you to test in accordance with major standards
Visual reports are generated using lists, bar charts, and statistics
Records data from the app to a web reporting tool
Report export options of PDF or CSV
Records GPS locations, enables adding notes, images and audio comments using the Logbook feature for full measurement activity traceability. Logbook feature for full measurement activity summaries
Hammer verification management to help keep hammers calibrated as required by standards
Impact results can be heard live in audio on Apple iOS devices via text-to-speech

Type N: Standard impact energy. Minimum thickness of test object: 100 mm (3.9) and should be firmly fixed in the structure
Type L: Low impact energy. Suitable for brittle objects or structures less than 100 mm (3.9) thick

Proceq Original Schmidt Live Type N Digital Hammer Test

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