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AMPLIFIER KLAKSON KAPAL 300W | Shipsapp - Toko Maritim

Rp. 123.456

  • Kondisi : Baru
  • Berat : Tidak Spesifik
  • Ukuran : Tidak Spesifik
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  • Harga Pasaran : Rp. 123.456
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Deskripsi Produk Maritim

Spesifikasi AMPLIFIER KLAKSON KAPAL 300W Type: DZ-300W Featured: an integrated device, containing loudspeaking, whistle, Fog horn, Enlarge/diminish sound source. Fog horn whistle to control control is to generate automatically periodic signal whistle and indicator light signal, in accordance with requirements, CCS applicable to all kinds of ships. Adopt Microprocessor Control Technology;Shell with steel materials;Panel with touch-key (PVC) stable per;formance, low price, easy to operate, aesthetic appearance. These products have high power output with MCU devices, compare favorably with hooter, and Use conveniently. Technical parameters: (1)Power supply: 24V; (2)Loudness: > = 130dB; (3)Frequency: 400Hz-700Hz; (4) Panel instruction: 123456: six automatic Fog horn pushbuttons (with six indicator lights); 1-one long siren/120 second (interval), 2-two long siren/120 second (interval), 3-one long two short siren-siren/120 second (interval), 4-one long three short siren-siren/120 second (interval), 5-One short-one long-one short siren/60 second (interval), 6-one long siren/60 second (interval), 7-Light Dimming button 8-Clearance button 9-power switch/volume 10-microphone socket 11-whistle button Application: 200 to 1 million tonsships. Packaging: Carton box sets/ctn: 10sets/ctn CTN size: 430 * 200 * 170mma Untuk harga dan informasi lebih lanjut hubungi 081316979778


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