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Sepatu Safety Krusher Texas

Rp. 350.000

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Pull-on riggers boot, available in black or brown. KRUSHERS have been designed and engineered to meet harsh working conditions. KRUSHERS are tought and strong and keep going when other safety shoes have worn out. The superior KRUSHERS TPU direct injection sole in the toughest soling material in safety footwear. Make your badget go further by wearing the long-lasting KRUSHERS brand. All krushers footwear is available in size 4 to 13 (including half sizes). Standard Product Features: Slip Resistant TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) outsole that exceeds minimum requirements under classification "SRC" (refer results back page) Sole heat resistant to 130°C. Antistatic designed to reduce the build up of excess static electricity while maintaining a high level of resistance to protest the wearer from live electrical circiuts of up to 250 volts. Optinal Product Features: Penetration Resistance a steel midsole is permanently fitted in the sole to reduce the risk of sharp object penetrating through the sole. Metatarsal Protection device if permanently fitted to the top of the boot, just behind the toecap to give the foot further protection from falling or rolling objects. Nitrile Rubber Outsole gives the wear added protection from heat up to 300°C. Harga yang tercantum bukan harga sebenarnya, Unutuk informasi lebih lanjut hubungi kontak tertera

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