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SHIMPO ST5000 Dual 2-in-1 Stroboscope and Tachometer | Shipsapp - Toko Maritim

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Deskripsi Produk Maritim

The Shimpo ST-5000 combination stroboscope/tachometer portable velocity analyzing and measuring device is ideal for machinery process inspection. The 2 in 1 unit eliminates the need to purchase and carry around two separate test instruments, plus streamlines time to analyze process machinery. The LED stroboscope functionality of the Shimpo ST-5000 is capable of flashing its light in a synchronous frequency to the operating machinery, creating the illusion of viewing slowed or frozen images. Utilizing this phenomenon of slowing or stopping the motion with the adjusted flash rate of the Shimpo ST-5000’s LED lights, machine parts and processes may be inspected for defects, aiding in preventative maintenance programs. The added adjustable flash duration feature enables a clearer stopped image and is ideal for monitoring repetitive processes such as on high-speed printing lines. With the Laser Tachometer portion of the Shimpo ST-5000, users can determine exact process speeds up to a distance of 5 feet, providing adequate safety for the operator. The tachometer mode provides the process speed as well as the maximum and minimum levels recorded. A graphing mode is selectable showing a plotted view of the process speed. The Shimpo ST-5000 has several time-saving features. One such function enables operators to quickly record the speed in tachometer mode and instantly transfer the recorded speed over to the stroboscope mode, reducing time to analyze and troubleshoot equipment that operates at various speeds. Another function automatically alters the frozen image flash speed to a rate that displays a slow motion movement of the process, allowing additional inspection capability. This slow motion view quickly makes evident to the user which direction the system is moving. The Shimpo ST-5000’s LED technology extends operation due to the low energy requirement of the light diodes compared with xenon stroboscopes. Its large, backlit display and convenient 2-button plus dial wheel operation enable quick function selection. The scroll dial allows fast adjustment of flash rate and can adjust the rate multiplication factor (up to a factor of 10) to quickly scroll through the entire flash range. Typical applications for using the ST-5000 is to determine speeds or inspect rotors, meshing gears, vibration diagnostic equipment, textile equipment, printing production lines, power tools, speaker acoustical analysis, fan balancing and many more. Features: Combination Stroboscope & Tachometer eliminates need for two separate products Quick mode selection provides instant back and forth operation between tachometer and stroboscope Multiplication selection of flash rate with scroll dial accelerates ability to get to the process speed desired Process speed detected by its tachometer can be taken instantly over to stroboscope flash rate, providing the exact rate to freeze the process without having to guess and dial in a speed manually Rotation mode takes the stopped image rate and automatically calculates a slow motion of the process for additional analysis possibly not seen with the frozen view. Great for checking motor direction Tachometer mode shows live process, maximum & minimum recorded values Tachometer graphing mode aids in visualizing the process speed changes Large backlit display, light-weight, and easy- grip handle enables use in a multitude of test environments and applications Adjustable flash duration aids process clarity, often necessary in printing applications Low power draw LED’s along with rechargeable batteries provides additional testing operation time What's in the Box: (4) AA Rechargable Batteries (1) Reflective Tape (1) Battery Recharger NOTE Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu mengikuti perkembangan kurs rupiah terhadap mata uang asing lainnya sehingga sangat mungkin terjadi adanya perbedaan harga yang berlaku dengan harga yang tertera pada website kami.

SHIMPO ST5000 Dual 2-in-1 Stroboscope and Tachometer

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