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DYNALCO Catalyst Monitor 6-Channel Monitor/ Data Logger

Rp. 46.500.000

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The Dynalco Catalyst Monitor is a CSA approved catalyst monitor designed for catalyst monitoring and data logging on Spark Ignited and Diesel engines. This high quality monitor meets the RICE NESHAP Continuous Parameter Monitoring requirements. It is a very low cost solution that comes pre-configured and is quick and easy to install and get running. The following parameters are monitored: Catalyst Inlet / Outlet Temperatures plus Differential Catalyst Inlet / Outlet Pressures plus Differential Left Bank / Right Bank O2 Sensor Outputs for ensuring proper AFRC operation Engine Hours (5-digit non-resettable) Engine Speed PRODUCT FEATURES: Can be configured to alarm if inlet temperature out of compliance On-Board Data Logging of thousands of values with time / date stamp Modbus RS-485 Communications Protocol for communications w/ SCADA or DCS CSA Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C & D approved Fully programmable from front keypad High capacity on board flash memory Power loss will not erase memory Log Reader software allows data download to PC with USB cable p/n 270A-13020 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dynalco Part No.: Catalyst Monitor Description: 6 Channel Monitor / Data Logger Supply Voltage: 10 – 36 VDC Input Types: J, K type thermocouple; 4 – 20 mA; 0 – 1 VDC; 0 – 5 VDC; 0 – 10 VDC; Plus (1) pulsed input for RPM display Output Type: (2) digital outputs rated 0.15 A @ 48 VDC Scan Rate: All channels scanned in 100 milli-seconds Accuracy: 0.2% ¼ DIN package (3 ½” width X 3 ½” height) for panel mount Splash-proof front panel Removable connectors on back of enclosure NOTE Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu mengikuti perkembangan kurs rupiah terhadap mata uang asing lainnya sehingga sangat mungkin terjadi adanya perbedaan harga yang berlaku dengan harga yang tertera pada website kami.

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