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CV Jaques Marine Supply

Here we'd like to assist your good vessel company to provide your vessel inquiries or other necessaries if any for your vessel when it comes to Indonesia Sea Waters at below: Provision Of Food / Dry Food / Fresh Food / Fresh Vegetables / Fresh Fruits / Fresh Beverage / Canned Food & Bonded Store, Medicine Store & Supply with Certificate. Deck & Cabin Stores, Engine Store, Ship Spare Parts & Repair, Stationary Equipment Supply & Store. Anchor and Chain supply and installation, Chemicals Products Marine Paints, Ship Repairer Deck, Engine, Generator, Navigational, Vessel Cleaning (for Tanker & Bulk) / Disposal Sludge Oil & Garbage From Ship with certificates. Serve / Supply for vendor work to workmanship & material procurement Drilling / Rig / Off-Shore Ship Supplies / Cruise Ship, Serve / Supply Safety Equipment. Marine Lubricants and Synthetics / Lube Oil procurement Supply & Store, Serve / Supply Refilling cylinders bottles of Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon. Legal Bunker Marine Service Etc. We can arrange also for any technical job such as : Engine Repair, Life raft, Fire extinguisher, EEBD,SCBA, CO2 system, Life Boat, Annual Inspection, Calibration, Fabrication, Welding, Rewind Electric Motor Of Dynamo Etc.

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Jaques Marine Supply

Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak

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Jaques Marine Supply

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