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CV KAIROS GLOBAL MARINE - Posted By Mitra Shipsapp

Be a largest and most reliable Food Supplier and Ship Candler in Indonesia with on time delivery at any time.


Kairos Global Marine was first established in 1998 Head office in Gresik - Indonesia as Food Supplier. Our commitment is to satisfy an ever-growing customer base with our outstanding service and quality guarantee Provide hight standard supplied produch with cost-effective prices, fastest delivery. friendliest but professional and efficient service. We still exist and fastly growth and could cover almost all the region, Now we have cover our service to throughtout Indonesian Port with the complete facility warehouse frozen storage and dry storage that can keep our stuff ready in-stock for any urgent needs delivery on last minutes General Supplier, Technical Service, General Engine Repair, Fabrication Machinning, Ship Spare Part & Equipment, Liferait Welding, etc


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