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Alfapalmer Law Firm - Posted By Mitra Shipsapp

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Alfapalmer Law Firm

Alfapalmer has been providing full range of legal services since its establishment in 2013. Our wide range of experience, diversity of skill and trust has been effectively assisting high net-worth of foreign and domestic clients dealing with legal matters, including: Corporate Matters, Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Foreign Arbitration Award Execution, Restructuring & Bankruptcy Mining, Forestry & Plantation, Maritime & Shipping, Manpower Issues, Entertainment Industry. We understand that these issues will always be complicated, time-consuming and controversial for clients due to vast regulation in Indonesia At Alfapalmer, our experienced lawyers, legal experts and dedicated legal assistants have always been solving such complicated issues by applying the highest ethical and professional standards hence constantly delivering comprehensive solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Located in the commercial district of Central Jakarta, we therefore always welcome our prospective client to experience the best legal service from Alfapalmer /achievements Indonesian Leadership & Professional Award 2020 ‚ÄčIndonesia 50 Best Lawyer Award 2019 Excellent Law Firm Service 2019


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