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ADCO Law is a firm that offers clients a wide range of integrated legal services, including commercial transactions and corporate disputes in a variety of industry sectors. Over the course of more than a decade, we have grown to understand our client’s industry and business as well as the regulatory aspect. In dealing with the business dynamics, we provide comprehensive and solid legal advice and solutions to minimize legal and business risks. From Upstream to Downstream, We Understand your Industry Our partners and legal counsels are well-respected figures in the legal and business community. We understand and are experienced in the industries of our clients’ business, from upstream to downstream. In complex transactions as well as in certain cases, we are actively engaged with financial, tax, environmental specialists, accountants, and law firms from various jurisdictions to give added value to our clients. Moreover, having strong relationships with Government agencies, regulators, associations, and industry stakeholders ensures that our firm has a holistic view of legal matters. As a law firm, we also believe in regeneration. To stay abreast of business changes and stay relevant, our formation of lawyers is comprised of the top graduates from Indonesian and international law schools.


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