PT. Pelayaran Nasional Samudra Tujuh

Rp 500.000

Ocean Going

Address: Komp. Citra Super Mall, Jl. Harbour Bay Jl. Duyung, Sungai Jodoh, Kec. Batu Ampar, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29433

  • +6281365277186
  • Arianto Rio

PT. Pelayaran Nasional Samudra Tujuh

PT. Pelayaran Nasional Samudra Tujuh was established in 2011 as an expansion of PT. Widi Jasa Ekspress – Batam which has been more than 17 Years experience In the shipping agency fields. Since 2004. Since its establishment PT. Widi Jasa Ekspress and PT.Pelayaran Nasional Samudra Tujuh has grown to be highly reputable first class shipping company or agency in Batam and Kepri area. Specializing in attending special project cargoes and offshore projects. PT. Pelayaran Nasional Samudra Tujuh (PT.Widi Jasa Ekspress ) consistently provide the personalize service to all owners and charterers with the assistance of each highly skill and qualify personnel in a full range within the shipping industry. Especially to solve all document and permit problem to relevant government authorities. In order to maintain our strong interest in developing new niches we are seeking suitable partners for shipping market on mutually beneficials terms.

Layanan Kami

Berbagai Layanan yang bisa kami berikan kepada Customer :

  • 1. Bunker Services
  • 2. Freshwater
  • 3. Sparepart
  • 4. Pengurusan Dokumen
  • 5. Ship Chandler
  • 6. Repair
  • 7. Service Station for LSA and FFA

Galery Kami

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